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Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Three Little Bush Pigs reviewed by Tom

The Three Little Bush Pigs by Paul Dallimore
Reviewed by Tom aged 9

This story is like the normal three little bears but it is based in Australia. There are lots of Australian words like Mate, Dingrel, and Woop Woop. The story is about three bush pigs who set off to make new homes and have to avoid being eaten by the dingrel. The dingrel is driving around in a ute. 
I like this story as it is funny. I like the funny houses they build, the funny disguises the dingrel wears and the ending which is very funny. 
The pictures are interesting and funny. They are colourful cartoons.
It was easy to read except for the Australian words. I had to ask Mum what they meant. 
I liked the ending as it was funny.
I would read it again. 
I rate it 7.5/10

Mum's Comments
I enjoyed this book. It was funny and had a very Australian feel. There were many Australian terms throughout the story which was a great way to introduce Australian lingo. I think it is sad that our Aussie lingo is slowly disappearing from use. I try to seek out books like this that embrace our unique culture. It would have better though if the book had a glossary of terms at the back to explain the lingo. That way if Tom was reading by himself he could look up the meanings.

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  1. well done Ben nice reviewing...happy reading