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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Wombat - Reviewed by Ben

Christmas Wombat by Jackie French 
Illustrated by Bruce Whatley
Reviewed by Ben (aged 7)
The wombat was trying to get all the carrots. The wombat hopped on the back of Santa's sleigh every time he went somewhere and challenged the animals for the carrots. The carrots had been left for the reindeer but the wombat ate them. The wombat got back home and fell asleep and Santa brought him more carrots. I like the book. It was easy to read.
Mum's comments
Another lovely Australian book from author (Jackie French) and illustrator (Bruce Whatley) of the Diary of a Wombat book that has been very popular in this household. My boys had a chuckle reading about the Christmas Wombat who goes around eating the carrots left out for the reindeer. I love books that feature Australian animals and this cheeky but adorable wombat is very easy to fall in love with. The writing is easy for early readers to attempt by themselves.  It is a hard cover book with lovely simple and bright drawings. 
Perfect for ages 3-6


  1. Looks like a cute book, great review

  2. Must have a look for this book for my kids, looks like a great one to share, thanks for the review.

  3. Great review, thank-you and well done! Sounds like a great book for my son to read.

  4. Fantastic review, sounds like such a great book. Will definitely be reading this to my boys, just hope I can find it!

  5. Well done Ben, this sounds like a lovely book to read and I think wombats are very cute

  6. Isn't jackie French a great author.....there are lots of fabulous books out there written by her......the one about Queen Victoria is a funny one. It is about her underpants..and the one about her Christmas is good too...... keep enjoying reading.

  7. Ben says Thank you for your comments. He laughed when reading about Queen Victoria's underpants.