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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Stuck! - Reviewed by Ben

Stuck! by Charlotte Calder & Mark Jackson
Reviewed by Ben aged 7

A Kite gets stuck in the tree. The children throw things up to knock down the kite but everything gets stuck. The cat jumps into the tree to try catch a bird and then it knocks everything down. But then the cat gets stuck in the tree. The cat has to be rescued. 
I like the pictures. It is a good bedtime story. I could read all the words except the names. Mum had to help me with those. 

Mums comments:
I agree with Ben that this is a lovely bedtime story book. The sentences are short simple sentences for early readers to manage on their own. The font is large which also helps little people to read. It is also a hard cover book which is easy for chubby little fingers to hold. 
This book is suitable for early readers and for younger children who like to have a story read to them.


  1. Wow guys, love your reviews, wish I had the Santa one, would love to have that to send to my little grandson, sure he would find it loads of fun.
    Thank you Ben for the review of Stuck, I think that would be a good book for Ashton to see.
    In fact I think all the books sound pretty good.
    Thanks guys - look forward to more reviews.
    Judy J.

  2. Thanks Judy, the boys liked the feedback.