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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Bugs in a blanket - reviewed by Ben

Bugs in a Blanket by Beatrice Alemagna
Reviewed by Ben aged 7
The bugs were invited to a party. They all looked different. They started asking each other questions about why were they all so different. They all realised they were all born different. It didn't matter that they were different. Then they had fun together at the party.  The book tells us it doesn't matter if you are different.

Mum's comments
They is a lovely book to teach children about acceptance. The bugs in the story had never met each other before they all attended a party. They were all shocked to discover that they were all different. Each one expected that the rest would look like themselves. They get a bit cross but then accept that they have all been born differently and then go on to have a lovely party. 
The pictures in the book are very unique and I love them. Each picture is a photo of a mixed textile artwork featuring felts, buttons, ribbons, etc.   If I had a felting machine, some time, and most importantly, some talent then I would love to recreate this story as a quilt. I think it would be great for a classroom.

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