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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Pete the Sheep - reviewed by Ben

Pete the Sheep by Jackie French
Illustrated by Bruce Whatley
Reviewed by Ben (age 7)

The book is about a Shearer who has a sheep-sheep instead of a sheep dog. The Shearer was shearing sheep but the other shearers didn't like how he had a sheep-sheep. So he left and made a sheep salon. The sheep liked going there and soon the other shearers had no sheep left to shear. All the sheep dogs wanted new haircuts and went to the salon too. The other shearers then came to work at the salon and everyone was happy.
I like the book. I like the pictures because they are colourful drawings.

Mum's comments
I love this book which is a good thing because I have been asked to read it to one of my other boys every night for 3 months straight. I love the Australian humour in the book and the Aussie slang, not many books use words like 'strewth' or 'jumping jumbucks', which is a shame really. This is a great book to read at bedtime to finish the day with a smile.

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