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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Children Who Loved Books - Reviewed by Ben

The Children Who Loved Books
Written & Illustrated by Peter Carnavas
First Published in 2012
Reviewed by Ben 
This book is about children who didnt have TV, a house or a car. But they had hundreds of books. The caravan they lived in got filled with books so they had to give them away. Things didn't seem the same. Bowls were falling off the table because usually there was a book under the table leg. Angus couldnt reach the window because he usually stood on books that were stacked up. With the books gone the caravan seemed very empty and everyone seemed bored. Then one day Lucy brought home a book from the library then they read it together. They enjoyed reading it together. In the morning they all went to the library together to borrow books.
This book tells us that you can be happy without lots of things. It also tells us it is fun to do things together as a family.   
I like the pictures.
Mum's comments
This is a charming sweet book with a lovely message. It is a picture book more suited for children younger than Ben but because of the underlying theme of the book we used it as a basis for discussions on commercialism. It also has a theme on the enjoyment of reading.
I would have loved this book as a child, as I lived in a caravan for some of my childhood and I have always been a book lover. 
The illustrations which are done in ink and watercolour are adorable and fun. The illustrations are mainly of the two children enjoying books. I wonder if there are prints available to buy as these illustrations would be great framed in a kid's book nook.
This would be a great book for ages 4-6. It is a lovely way to introduce how enjoyable books can be and also how special it is to read together. 
I rate this highly as a lovely picture and a perfect book for bedtime reading. 

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